Robyn Julyan

Heather taught the class with such seamless progressions, that each new skill was just within my growing ability

I started my aerial journey over five years ago with Heather. I remember coming home from my first class and jumping up and down, squealing to my husband that, “it’s just like monkey bars for adults!” Even though I had absolutely zero previous training, or strength, I didn’t notice the things I couldn’t do, because Heather taught the class such seamless progressions that each new skill was just within my growing ability. Fast forward and I am now teaching 3 classes a week, having started my teacher training with Heather. I still refer to her impeccable safety standards of spotting, progressions, and class management. Finally, she created the warmest, most supportive community I have ever seen, particularly in a physical activity. I can’t recommend her enough. – Robyn Julyan, Faculty, violin, Regis University, B.M. Peabody Conservatory of Music, M.M. Cleveland Institute of Music